Académie August FAQ

1. What is the advantage of training at Académie August?

  1. We are a unique school because we focus our energy on providing students with a dynamic, hands-on learning environment. We pay attention to the small but important things other schools overlook, such as: small class size, freepour techniques, cleaning, simulations with money and music, computer training and Berg system training. We also offer fun and profitable employment placements for our most talented trainees to give them valuable work experience.

2. What kind of experience can I expect to gain at Académie August?

We offer our training at a well-known Montréal establishment – Tabascobar. As part of our collaboration, Académie August will help fill vacancies at Tabascobar with its most successful students. In addition, Académie August founder Blaine August is well-connected to a wide range of industry owners and managers who regularly need new staff. He continuously makes an effort to match students with appropriate vacancies throughout Montréal.

3. Does Académie August offer student discounts?

Yes. Currently enrolled students are offered a percentage discount on all of our services. Please contact us directly to find out more about our current promotions.

4. How do I sign up for a course?

Académie August works with its trainees to arrange course schedules and appropriate class sizes on a regular basis. Please contact us directly by phone (514-903-2665) or by email to join the next course at a time that works for you.

5. What types of payment does Académie August accept?

We accept online payments via Paypal, cheques, and cash. All balances are due prior to commencing courses.

6. How many people are in each class at Académie August?

We believe that the best way to learn how to be an efficient, professional bartender is through hands-on experience and lots of opportunity for repeated practice. Therefore, we limit our class sizes to a maximum of ten people. This allows each student to receive the time and attention he or she needs to feel confident behind the bar, in front of people, and handling money.

7. How are students evaluated?

Students take a written and practical exam on the last day of the class. Those students with the highest scores will be offered guest appearances behind the bar with Académie August collaborator, Tabascobar.

8. What do students receive at the end of the course?

Students receive certification at the end of all of our courses, stating what subject they have trained in and for how many hours. Students also have the possibility, depending on their potential and current openings, of securing employment at Académie August collaborating bar – Tabascobar.

9: What happens if a student doesn’t pass the final exam?

Students who do not pass the final exam can take the exam again for a fee of $25.00.

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